How AE Concepts works for engineering recruiting‏   .‏

There are many staffing agencies, but not all of them work the same, and not all of them provide the best results.

Company’s success depends on the right ownership and talent, people who can have the best qualities and provide the best knowledge and work for the business.

The process of finding such candidates can be lengthy, frustrating, money and energy consuming. AE Concepts has a system in place that has been working out for many companies very successfully. AE Concept does reference checks, background checks, integrity testing, drug testing, conducting interviews and making sure that the new candidate has all necessary qualifications for a new position.

The company provides excellent workers without having the employer going through the hassle of the employment process or legal work. Engineering recruiting is one of the top specialties for AE Concepts. The company also provides architecture recruiting and construction recruiting. All the time consuming and energy draining work will be done for the employer – job search, going through resumes, making phone calls, scheduling interviews for each candidate, conducting second or third interviews if needed, advertising, interviewing, applications.

On top of that there is additional work involved – background checks, reference checks, drug testing, integrity testing, making sure certain certifications and training are completed.

So this is hassle free and easy process for the employer. Finding and you qualified candidate is only one phone call away with AEE concepts