Here are some ideas how to fill out a job application for recruiting company‏.

While filling out job application for recruiting company‏, it is important to keep in mind that recruiter mainly wants to make sure that it is a best fitting position for a new candidate.

AE Concepts, for example work with a lot of engineering candidates and companies, trying to connect best candidates with the best matching position. Even though, engineering can be very technical, detail oriented, software driven, it also requires teamwork. So it would be important not only to include all the technical abilities and knowledge, but also reassure the recruiter about your people skills.

What to include:

Pick an important and successful  project, describe the strong points, building team concepts, assigning roles and communication, contribution, and the end result of the project.

Engineering career is project-based, but it is also deadline driven a lot of times. It is important to know for recruiter that the new candidate is able to work under time frame pressure, be confident in achieving the goal under the pressure.

Accuracy is very important in life of an engineer, so recruiters are paying attention not only to technical skills, but writing skills, accuracy, communication skills. So make sure to write full sentences using proper grammar and structure. Make sure to express thoughts clearly and straight to the point.

Before sending job application for recruiting company‏, make sure to check for all final adjustments and errors. Read through carefully one more time, it also might be a good idea to ask someone else to proof read it.


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