Within the last several years employment agencies and employers work together to find the best candidates for the position. Many employers realize that it saves a lot of time, and employment agencies take a lot of tasks on themselves to provide the best candidates for the employer.

There are many benefits having the services of employment agencies. But sometimes some people don’t know or understand the process.

How employment agencies and employers work?

Most of the time, the employment agency will have the database of  or candidates that would be best for specific employers. Usually, there is no fee for the candidates, but the fee is normally charged to the employers by the employment agencies.

There are different types of agreements that are set up between the employee and the employment agency. Some of them are based on contingency. Meaning if the agency fills the position successfully, then they employment agencies would get paid.

Sometimes employers would hire several employment agencies to fill the position, and they would pay the fee to the one that finds the best candidate for that position.
There are also retained searches. That means that there is one employment agency involved in the search for the right candidate, and it might take longer to find the candidate but that employment agency will get paid once the position is filled. So there are no other agencies involved.
Normally in the second model, the company will not hire someone even if they found somebody directly, so they have to go through the services of employment agency.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both methods, but they work, and it all depends on the relationship between the company and employment agencies.