There are different types of employment agencies. Some of them deal with a wide variety of different companies, but some specialize in only certain fields.

There are a lot of benefits to work with employment agencies, but many people don’t know how employment  agencies work.

The best way to describe employment agencies is as a connection between those who are trying to find a job and employers.

Obviously job seekers are looking for new jobs and employers are looking for a new candidates for certain positions. So there can be a great connection between the two parties providing the best candidates to the employment agencies, and job seekers can find the best positions considering their skills.

Depending on the employment agencies, sometimes the first step is for the new employees to submit the resume to the employment agency. New candidates can submit resumes directly to the employment agencies or they can respond to the advertisement that the employment agencies put out.

Once the employment agencies review the resumes, it gives them a better understanding of what skills the new candidates have.
In this case, employment agencies will be representatives of the new job seekers.

Usually there are no fees that new candidates have to pay to the employment agencies. So it is a free service for the new candidates or job seekers. Usually employment agencies would charge a certain fee the employers. So the candidates shouldn’t be worried about paying to the employment agencies.

Usually the agency would work with many candidates. There is a lot of work involved before the new candidate can be submitted for the new position: go through the resume, review the experience, find out the best qualifications, match with the best possible position, go through the interview and per-qualification process, etc.

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