While looking for a job it is important to know how to find good employment agencies.

Employment agencies serve as a bridge between the employer and potential candidates.

The process starts when the job seeker applies to the employment agencies while looking for work. People are usually looking for a job through the variety of sources – newspapers, online ads, word-of-mouth.

What do employment agencies do for new candidates?

The main task is to match the qualities of the job seeker to the right position and put them to work. Once the new candidate goes through the qualification process, background checks, interviews and becomes a valid candidate for certain jobs, then the employment agencies connect the candidate to the best company.

The agency usually charges the fee to the company. So it is a free service for an employee. The employers in this case are agency’s clients. The agencies’ job is to provide the right and perfect matches for certain jobs. And the employer charges a fee to the agency when the right employee is found. That’s how they employment agencies make money.

There are many services that employment companies provide while looking in providing new candidates. They’re conducting interviews, they are doing per-screening, background checks human resources services. Sometimes the employment agencies can be very helpful with providing certain tips for certain jobs and best advice about how to get hired. It is in the agencies’ interest so that the new candidate gets hired. But it can be applied only in the case if the new candidate has all necessary qualities, certifications, experience, etc.

Agencies understand that sending unqualified people to the new jobs is going to compromise the relationship between the employment agency and the employer.

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