There are different ways to find a job. Some people applied directly to the companies, some people go online and submit many resumes to different employers.

But one of the most common ways with in the last several years has become to apply to employment agency.

It is also quite common to apply to several employment agencies. But at the same time the job seeker needs to be careful and honest if another agency asks if the candidate already applied to different agency.

For the candidates applying to different agencies can be beneficial because one agency can be working with only one group of companies, while other employment agencies might be working with different group of companies.In some cases what might happen, the candidate might be rejected if applied to several agencies for the same position. To avoid this conflict and complications, one agency should always send the candidate the permission that they can submit it for a certain position.

So while trying to find a job, do not get the permission to several agencies to submit the resume for the same position. This will create conflict and as a job seeker, even the interview will be rejected. So it is a good idea to apply to employment agency and sign the permission to which companies it is allowed to be submitted.

To get the best results, it is also not recommended to submit the same candidate through different agencies for different positions, as it creates complications.
If it is a professional employment agency, normally they would advise what’s the best thing to do and provide guidance to the job seekers, also I gave some interview tips and inside scoops.
Sometimes they employment agencies will also help to negotiate the terms of the contract for the new candidate. So as can be seen it is for people who are trying to find a job to work with appointment agencies.