One of the responsibilities of the staffing agencies is job placement.

Job placement is usually a program where different participants can be placed and be paid by employers. If the participant is qualified and prepared adequately, the placement should be at the appropriate level. A participant should be prepared to provide certain skills required by the employer. As a rule, staffing agencies will pre-qualify the candidates to make sure that all the required skills are present.

It is also important for staffing agencies to track the information about the individual’s previous jobs and placements, in order to get the quality program and provide the right job placement by the staffing agencies.

It would also be important for staffing agencies to know if the placement is temporary, seasonal or permanent, either it is going to be subsidized by outside grants or it is un-subsidized. Is it going to be less than 35 hours per week, meaning part-time or is it going to be at least 40 hours per week – full-time.

Have the participants receive the necessary training and obtained the occupational skills in order to be placed correctly by staffing agencies.

Different staffing agencies consider the job placement opportunities with different focused definitions. Some may decide as not to count job as a placement, if it’s only seasonal. Most of the time, staffing agencies will consider the job as the job placement if it can be verified by the employer or paycheck stubs.

But it all depends on the terms and conditions of staffing agencies.