It Might Sound Counterintuitive, But It’s True

If you need to fill a job posting, you should advertise it, right? That’s true of most employers, but those with the finances to avoid the traditional process have been turning to agency recruitment more and more. 41% of employers use staffing agencies to gain access to employees with specialized skill sets. That’s nearly half the population of businesses. Another 40% prefer to use in-house recruiting to save money, but these aren’t the employers offering the best paychecks.

 The competition for high-paying jobs is becoming increasingly fierce, and in many ways, recruitment agencies now hold the key to the highest-paying positions. Employers want the most qualified and experienced candidates for their large salary investment, and this has led to the growing demand for specialized architectural, construction, and engineering recruitment agencies. These specialists assist with finding the best candidates and provide their clients with the resources they need to make the best decisions.

 But what does that mean for you as a potential hiring candidate? In this article, we’ll explain why high-paying employers are utilizing recruitment agencies and what that means for you.


Why Is This Happening in the First Place?

Access to a Concentrated Pool of Qualified Candidates

The most obvious reason high-paying employers contract recruitment agencies is because they provide a concentrated pool of qualified candidates at the word “Go.” These agencies have entire databases filled with applicants and their associated qualifications. If they don’t have a good candidate on call, recruitment agencies can simply hunt to find more. Since finding candidates is the focus of their profession, they tend to be more efficient at it than the actual company that wants to do the hiring.

 For less experienced hiring managers, recruitment agencies also provide valuable insight into the kinds of skills that an applicant should have. For example, if a hiring manager needs a new team lead for a construction project, a construction recruitment agency can find the top best candidates but crucially explain what qualities they have that all suit them to the position.


Weeding Out Unqualified Applicants & Saving Time

Very much the opposite side of the same coin, recruitment agencies also reduce the time spent interviewing and researching unqualified applicants. If you asked any company whether they’d want the perfect applicants in 1 day or 1 month, they’d all pick the former, but the reality is never that simple. Put any job posting out there offering a six-figure salary, and you’re bound to receive hundreds of applications, and that means a lot of time sifting through them all. In other words, time wasted.

 So, if you’re an employer with pockets deep enough to afford paying one person over a hundred grand, why wouldn’t you invest a little more money to drastically reduce the time and resources spent searching? In a nutshell, companies willing to pay large salaries are also willing to skip to the finish line of the hiring process, not to mention it allows their hiring managers to focus on other more profit-driving tasks.


Corporate Espionage

Companies spy on each other; it’s a known fact. Remember when Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” and DreamWork’s “Antz” both released at the same time? What about “Finding Nemo” and “Shark Tale?” “Ratatouille” and “Flushed Away?” A coincidence is when two people go to a party wearing the same shirt, not when two multi-billion companies consistently release movies with similar themes or concepts around the same time.

 The same is true of companies in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Corporate espionage might not involve rappelling off skyscrapers or secret gadgets, but if company A puts up a job posting for a new project manager on Monster or Indeed, it’s not exactly hard for company B to find it. That kind of information can sometimes tip off competitors to your plans as a business owner, and if you’re trying to keep a project silent until you have all your ducks in order, it can pay to be as secretive as possible. Utilizing a construction agency provides that needed layer of obfuscation.


Don’t Feel Discouraged

It might sound as if the best jobs are locked behind an invisible wall, but you know how you get around it? Building your skillset and keeping a good agency at your side. If you don’t have the qualifications to run a multi-million dollar engineering project, you wouldn’t pass the interview process even if you found it on an online job posting board. We don’t say that to make you feel bad but to look at the current situation objectively. The increased use of agencies doesn’t make your life any harder; in fact, it simplifies it tremendously. All you need to do is know that these agencies exist and if you’ve reached the end of this article, congratulations! You’re in the know.

 By teaming up with Orlando recruiting firms like AE Concepts, you put yourself in the hands of recruiting professionals who have a vested interest in seeing you get hired. We’re a construction, architectural, and engineering recruitment agency all wrapped into one, so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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